Thermal conductivity silica gel to replace CPU cycles and replacement method

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-21
< p> thermal conductivity silica gel to replace CPU cycles and replacement method < / p> < p> silica gel ( Silicon grease) Is one of the essential items guarantee the normal work of the computer, how important are not under the CPU and other big can't work properly without silica gel CPU, then the CPU silica gel ( Silicon grease) How long need to replace a? How to apply the silicone ( Silicon grease) To have a better effect? Silica gel ( Silicon grease) Is liquid, but not the volatile material such as water, is basically a metal powder and mixture of silicone oil and other fillers. And the liquid composition is mainly used for the first time when daub help metal particles are more likely to use inside filled cracks in metal. After the first daub, basically 2 ~ 3 years as long as there is no need to fill again without loose phenomenon. Here is a simple explain silica gel ( Silicon grease) : the correct way of applying the < / p> < p> 1, first with high purity solvent ( Such as high purity acetone) And no flannelette ( Such as a camera lens cloth) Clean the CPU core surface and the bottom of the radiator, be careful not to let the fingers touch the core and surface of the radiator. ( If there is no acetone, alcohol can also) < / p> < p> 2, determine the area of contact with the CPU fin in the center of the area at the bottom of the radiator on a certain amount of thermal conductive silicone. < / p> < p> 3, finger set into the plastic bags, then press, daub radiator fingers back and forth at the bottom of the thermal conductive silicone, until the silicon grease evenly distributed in the contact area of the CPU. ( Don't directly use fingers! ) < / p> < p> 4, at the bottom of the radiator with no flannelette thermal conductive silicone rub out, then you can see at the bottom of the radiator color silicone places and other areas, the silicon grease has filled the gap of the base. < / p> < p> 5, with a clean tool ( Such as razor blades or clean the knife) Stir up a few thermal conductive silicone, and placed in a corner of the CPU core ( Like the bottom left corner) 。 Note that just a small piece. < / p> < p> 6, using the tools of razor blades or other clean, starting from the corner of the CPU core, the silicon grease evenly over the entire core. For ordinary radiator bottom, the thickness of the silicon grease thickness is about an ordinary paper, if the radiator bottom light level off, then the silicon grease can be thin to translucent. < / p> < p> 7, confirm the radiator base and CPU core surface no foreign body, put the radiator on the CPU, the only light pressure, can't rotational or translational radiator, otherwise it may lead to the radiator between the CPU and uneven thickness of the silicon grease. Computer enthusiasts helpful hints: after the silica gel is unfavorable also shoulds not be too thin, thermal conductivity device and the CPU can't have a foreign body! < / p> < p> more silicone products, mobile phone silica gel sets, and other information as in zhe embellish too silicagelzrt. comxinwenzhongxin < / p>
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