Tips on Safe Usage of Best Ear Buds

by:ZheRunTai     2020-06-15
Earbuds have become a part of life of today's generation as it is a trendy way to make traveling or long tiring workout tasks comfortable as well as an enjoyable experience. They can be used with number of gadgets such as MP3 players, cell phones etc. No doubt they are safe to use but even the best ear buds do involve ear damage and hearing loss risks. Here below I will provide you a few tips on the best and safe usage of earbuds. Keep the Volume Low: As we place the earbuds right outside the ear canal, sound is injected directly into the ear and we receive the sound considerably at a louder level. Since they are close to the sensitive membranes also, the risk of ear damage or hear loss increases. Thus it is advised when listening to the music, you should not keep the volume more than 60% of the maximum level. Also the damage to the ear can be reduced significantly if you restrict its usage to 45 minutes per day. These are the few ways for the best usage if adhered can provide you safety along with enjoyment. Making utilization of earbuds accessories: It is highly advised that you should make use of the earbuds accessories. The standard ear buds accessory kit consists of large fitted ear canal tips which help to place the earbuds securely as well as comfortably within the ear. The best ear buds also have a protective layer stick-on material with a purpose to absorb sweat. The ear buds having such a covering are most suitable for walking, running, jogging and any other vigorous movements. Some of the ear buds especially for iPhones come with small plastic braces and they are quite effective to protect ear bud wires and sensitive electronic connections from any damage. These braces might be little uncomfortable but you should consider them. Making use of earbud case: Currently the best earbuds come with a vinyl or leather case where you can keep them safely when not using them. This also has a number of benefits as you can prevent them from getting damaged prematurely and also it helps to protect them from dirt, dust germs etc thus preventing ear infection which otherwise have more chances. No doubt using ear buds while traveling, running, and jogging or any doing any task is pleasurable and you should make listening to music a gratifying experience by protecting your ears from any damage by following the tips of safe usage as given above.
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