What are the advantages and characteristics of silicone kitchen utensils?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-03-31
Faster and faster pace of modern life, an office worker wants kitchen cooking healthy, simple, and easy to operate, easy to save time, maintenance, convenient cleaning, a piece of cloth with more sweet! So good kitchen utensils for the housewives are very important, but often cleaning maintenance of kitchen utensils and appliances is the most trouble the housewives, the most headache problem. Rusty at kitchen utensils and appliances, dirt, grease, waste a lot of time to do the cleaning and maintenance work, affect the mood of beautiful and peaceful. And zhe embellish too new silicone kitchen supplies, can be for you to solve this a series of problems, let us know the advantages and characteristics of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances! ! ! ! < / p> < / p> < / p> 1, color variety, can be customized according to customers' requirements processing, let kitchen utensils and tableware is more personality. < / p> 2, long service life, the silicone raw materials chemical performance is stable, to make products, have a longer life expectancy than other materials < / p> 3, wear resistance, not easy damaged, not broken. < / p> 4, soft and comfortable, thanks to the flexibility of silicone material, feel comfortable silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, highly flexible, not out of shape. < / p> 5, easy to clean, easy to save time and convenient maintenance. < / p> 6, anti-aging, long service life, strong insulation performance. < / p> 7, environmental non-toxic, food-grade silicone products and the human body has good compatibility, safe and reliable. < / p> 8, high temperature resistant, suitable temperature range - 40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in the microwave oven and the oven < / p> silicone kitchen supplies has become a beautiful beautiful scenery line of fashionable life, sincerely hope you can come into our world of zhe run too, will not live up to support our customers, will certainly to make persistent efforts of mood to face the hard-won orders! < / p>
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