What are the advantages of the silicone ice grid

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-10
< p> summer comes, people are feeling the hot weather, want to use what has soared, decrease internal heat! Silica gel is a kind of used to make ice and ice jelly silicone products, silicone products high and low temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, and is renewable resources, can be repeated use; Because it is food grade raw material, so it is very safe to use. We often have seen silicone ice, silicone ice use safety, food safety, but many people are not very understand the silicone ice advantages, characteristics and matters needing attention, the next zhe run too small make up to you on the silicone ice several advantages. < / p> < p> the silicone ice: the advantages of the mixer features environmental protection, high temperature resistance. And insulation, easy to clean, not deformation, non-stick mold, long-life advantages. Non-toxic, easy to clean, through food grade security certification, can be in - 40 ℃ - — + 250 ℃, can be in the microwave oven, refrigerator, oven and other places to use, easy to take out the ice, because it is more soft. In pieces shape it can go to design and manufacture according to the individual subjective consciousness. And can do more cartoon, you can make it a animal shapes, letters shape, car shape, etc. As long as you have originality, make all kinds of ice, all manipulated by you. Kinds of silicone pieces < p> exquisite, ice, using 100% pure natural silica gel material and it is not only let you feel health for ease of body and mind, let you no longer worry for unhealthy food. Pieces < / p> raw materials commonly used food grade silicone raw materials, the export of normal manufacturer conform to the FDA, etc. Product certification. 。 Buy back if you have a taste, with hot water for a few minutes to eliminate the taste. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> using silicone ice lattice has been integrated into our lives, most in the big big shopping mall, all kinds of special design, fine delicate do manual work fine as a work of art, add a beautiful scenery line, modern life article silicone custom manufacturers choose zhe run too, that's right, quality guarantee, reasonable price, considerate service. < / p>
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