What are the basic characteristics of the silicone products?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-03
Said the last time we have been to the characteristics of the silicone products, but there are still many net friend asked, here, small make up again about the basic characteristics of the silicone products for you. Today, from the silica gel is widely used in industry after tracheal replacement, popular in the market, after mastering the basic properties of the silicone products advantages, bring the role of the more. The silica gel products have what characteristics? < / p> < / p> < / p> characteristics: strong resistance to high temperature. In general, silica gel products applicable temperature range between 40 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius below zero, so in many of the oven is widely used. < / p> < / p> features two: easy to clean, has good flexibility, can be repeated use. Sales of some silicone products in taobao, basically use at ordinary times, and then wash with water, cleaning effect is good, and can be reused. < / p> < / p> features three: there are many different kinds of color. Can choose different color according to customer requirements. In the process of production and production, different kinds of silicone products have different beautiful beautiful colour effect. < / p> < / p> features four: green no side effects. From different angles, is a kind of material, non-toxic, of course, the factory is in the process of purchasing raw material to the finished product into the market has the effect. Strict in this respect to the characteristics of diversification. In today's silicon products in the market, no matter where, in an industry has a high sales advantages, embodies the technology advantage in this aspect, achieve the effect of a kind of ideal. < / p>
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