What is the high temperature silicone? What use is it?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-19
< p> < / p> < p> see name we can know, high temperature silicone is definitely better than ordinary silica gel high temperature resistant, ordinary silicone high-temperature resistance at 200 ℃ High temperature between 300 ℃ and the silica gel can in a short span of 2 hours can reach 350 ℃, it is a kind of according to the special performance requirements of custom silicone products. Therefore, the high temperature silicone used in all kinds of electronic appliances, industrial products, electric heat pipe, such as: ( High temperature furnace, microwave oven, electric iron) Products such as adhesive. < / p> high temperature silicone can be divided into high temperature mold rubber and rubber disc; High temperature mold rubber is mainly used in the product model, product shell, and all kinds of mold, such as: the highest temperature can reach 300 ℃ Between 400 ℃ and has the advantages of good stability and heating reduction; The disc rubber is mainly used for gold and silver jewelry, alloy technology, decorative accessories, toys, gifts and other industries, the disc rubber has low hardness, the characteristics of the fast cooling. High temperature silicone characteristics summarized as follows: 1. Excellent insulation line 2. Satisfied with the bond 3 of all kinds of products. No smell 4. Fast curing 5. 6, which is convenient to use. High and low temperature resistance increase 7. Cooling fast, according to the relevant report high temperature silicone in the next five years there will be a great development prospect.
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