What reason causes deformation of silicone rubber mold products?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-25
We all know that the probability of the silicone mold deformation is large, once the deformation of its use value can be discounted, silicone rubber mold deformation for a reason, and have direct relationship with the maintenance during the use. So for what reason causes deformation of silicone rubber mold? < / p> cause deformation reason mainly has three aspects: the silicone mould, lies in the maintenance, the content of silicone oil aging factors and maintenance is not normal let's say this: 1, the maintenance of aging is the silicone rubber didn't have often die maintenance and appear aging phenomenon, the silicone rubber is prone to deformation, silicone rubber aging maintenance have been carried out if there is no complete, is not only a deformation, its service life and quality also can appear declined dramatically. < / p> 2, the content of silicone oil content of silicone oil is directly determines the quality of silicone rubber, if in the processing stage silicone oil content to add too much, will lead to the silicone oil viscosity is too high, if add the content of silicone oil is too little, will lead to the silicone quality is bad. As a result, the content of silicone oil will directly determine the silicone rubber is easy to deformation, this belongs to the quality of reason. < / p> 3, silicone rubber and maintenance is not regular silicone rubber need maintenance can prevent deformation, but maintain informal also lead to deformation, this is how to return a responsibility? In the process of maintenance, especially in the stage of the aging of maintenance, if the silicon rubber mould is not fixed correctly, the mould will need to bundle together with outer mold or is the internal mold fixed well, so that it can completely prevent deformation phenomenon occurring during aging maintenance stage fixed. < / p> < / p> these reasons is the common factors lead to the deformation of silicone rubber products, silicone rubber in good maintenance, commonly used correctly is not easy to deformation, so we when use pay attention to the details of the use, pay attention to maintenance can avoid deformation of silicone rubber. < / p>
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