What role does the secondary vulcanization silicone products?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-02
< p> secondary vulcanization silicone products have what effect? < / p> < p> when choosing peroxide vulcanization silicone products, peroxide differentiation after polymer reaction, generates low molecular compounds ( Such as benzene and benzoic acid, etc. ) Exists in the silicone will affect of the mechanical functions of the silica gel. And silica gel in the first stage after hot forming, the crosslinking density, to make its further vulcanization reaction ability to add the density of silica gel products. Pull up strength, resilience, hardness, swelling degree, density, thermal stability is better than a larger improvement of sulfide. If not for secondary sulfide, may produce silicone was bound to affect on the function, function is not very good goods, a curing parameters and the parameters of the secondary sulfide can be different, it has to do with actual operation. < / p> < p> there are many types of vulcanization silicone products, with high temperature at room temperature. According to the high temperature silicone for example, no sulfide is our general said raw rubber, before mixing rubber is cut many additives such as vulcanizing agent, release agent, such as refining and together with gum. A look can be seen from the appearance. A torn by hand is broken, it has no elasticity. Mixing good, if must under the temperature of the glue in temperature vulcanization molding must be get the silicone products, like we always see the silicone mobile phone sets, etc. < / p> < p> secondary vulcanization process of silicone products aims to silicone low volatile matter and peroxide vulcanizing agent vulcanized by-products produced in the process of removal. The size of the secondary sulfide can make the product more stable, and improve the ability of heat-resistant. For production process of peroxide as curing agent, it is recommended to use secondary sulfide remove acid by-product of production, especially in the final application environment at high temperature is more important. < / p> < p> more exquisite silicone products, such as mobile phone silica gel set in zhe embellish too silicagelzrt. com

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